woman-in-flight  @azumahcarol   Dr Carol Azumah Dennis: researcher, writer & teacher – interested in critical literacies, education, policy, politics & wine (occasionally wears high heels)

Where I Write
My place to write. During my EdD I had a study.

I am using this blog in several  ways.

Firstly to connect with other academic bloggers to share and shape ideas. The short pieces I float here will relate to the things I read, write and research about. These are the rough sketches that may become something (more formally published) and may well stay as they are. My broad areas of interests are Teacher Education, Adult Literacies, Educational Policy, Post 16 Education and Quality.

Secondly, I want to focus specifically on my lecturing – developing ideas that go along with that. I teach academic writing to undergraduates and in 2014 started teaching on the University of Hull EdD.

I also blog (curate or author) – with others in other places and spaces here:

Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning sector

Doing a Professional Doctorate – the EdD experience

Mentoring a post-16 trainee


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