Linking Research, Policy and Practice in FE

Thursday’s #ukfechat took an unexpected but entirely welcome turn. Quite how the idea of collaborative twitter led research  emerged I can’t quite tell, but once suggested  what followed were a good few people saying, ‘Yeah! Lets do it.’

I am almost embarrassed by how enthused I am about the possibilities. There is surely scope for us to use whatever platforms we have to shape a voice for FE so that in a few years we can all look back and say, ‘Yeah! That was how it started.’ 

  1. #ukfechat tmrrw at 9pm:Establishing links btween research & practice in FE,with @azumahcarol Look! @drmattoleary @alisoniredale Research! 🙂
  2. @EdTech_Stories @csf0961 it’s tricky, but the institution can impose a limit on scope and possible answers #ukfechat
  3. Well if you ask me, research is for the academics. If you’re a vocational teacher, what’s to research? #ukfechat
  4. @fossa99 @azumahcarol @EdTech_Stories @csf0961 #ukfechat This is a key challenge for research I.e. Make it proactive rather than reactive!
  5. @danwilliams1984 @EdTech_Stories Think it’s to do with perception of invisibility outside of sector.People know what schls & HE do #ukfechat
  6. @MrsSarahSimons @HilaryNunns Our current LSIS funded project into voc-Ped begs to differ. It’s driven by practitioner voice #ukfechat
  7. @azumahcarol @EdTech_Stories @MrsSarahSimons we have the issues, but what are solutions then to get more research in FE by FE? #ukfechat
  8. @HilaryNunns god, I’m thrown! Resarch allows you to, speak confidently about your practice & understand it – serious & systematic #ukfechat
  9. @azumahcarol @csf0961 @EdTech_Stories #ukfechat Spot on! Bid writing has low % of success. Still takes TIME, which is key issue to do it!
  10. @fossa99 @azumahcarol @EdTech_Stories @csf0961 #ukfechat V. imp step to empowering staff & helping them shape rather than comply with policy
  11. @MrsSarahSimons @fossa99 @azumahcarol @drmattoleary OK what research topic/project is #ukfechat going to instigate? Any shared interests?
  12. #ukfechat @MrsSarahSimons So how many is that who have signed up for #FEresearch after an hour?
  13. @azumahcarol @MrsSarahSimons @fossa99 @BradfordPsychol Hi John, you don’t know it but you’ve just been recruited for research with #ukfechat
  14. @csf0961 @fossa99 @MrsSarahSimons @azumahcarol @drmattoleary #ukfechat Always wanted to have my name on a fancy shmancy academic paper…Lol
  15. @MrsSarahSimons @azumahcarol @drmattoleary I’m counting at least 3-4 #ukfechat ppl who are involved with HE or have done research projects
  16. Hi #ukfechat I’ve been following all of your tweets. Looking to learn more about research – some great starting points – very helpful.
  17. @fossa99 @azumahcarol @EdTech_Stories @drmattoleary That sounds really exciting. I’d be well up for that! #ukfechat
  18. That’s your lot folks, it’s 9.00pm (by my watch). I’ve really enjoyed that. Thank you. Some great ideas. #ukfechat
  19. @azumahcarol @csf0961 #ukfechat Don’t research experience but have put 3-4 reports together in my own time unfunded
  20. I’m here #ukfechat but lurking due to no comment at this stage
  21. Thanks v much to @azumahcarol for great #ukfechat I’ve got such a lot to learn, but v excited re prospect of some FE collaboration.
  22. @drmattoleary @fossa99 it was fun and thanks for comng to my #ukfechat party

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