#WResearcher 0

This is exciting.  I am excited. 

This is precisely what I have been looking for (without realising it). 
I’ve probably misunderstood aspects of what the project invites: but that doesn’t matter.  
It may have happened or I may have imagined it, but a friend of mine who I am no longer in touch with – once suggested that the idea of harmony emerged from vocalists who were unable to sing the same note as others. (She studied music at Twickenham).  It was their mismatched pitching of a note that developed into the idea that voices could sing in harmony rather than unison.

Intuitively I have a preference for writing alongside images. I’m not fussy about the images, nor are they required to relate to the text. Though somehow, a connection – by virtue of being placed alongside – is implied. The images are not illustrative  but are what images can legitimately be – decorative.

This image I like – by my husband and artist Papa Essel – because it is called ‘breaking new ground’.

Of course the fear is – if I write everyday – a great deal of it will be rubbish – but the Australian professor has already covered that ground – vomit ‘write everyday and at the end of it – look back at what you have written and it will be like searching through the vomit – you will find (and I know this to be true) some beautiful themses, ideas words and phrases that will shine and make you feel proud, boastful, surprised and secure. 


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