Discussing the writing process

Level 2 Literacy class in which students discussed the writing process as a series of stages represented by images ie scissor to represent editing, a map to represent planning. 

The images on laminate cards provide a focal point for discussion and impose a natural order on the writing process suggesting that certain things happen at particular points in the process of composition. Students are not invited to state what they actually do and misplaced order is counted as a mistake rather than a reflection on their approach. 
The cards then have the capacity to impose an order; trainees work together and so the assumption is that they each have a uniform approach. They may not. 
This assemblage includes: teacher who is out of the picture, the laminate cards, an idea about writing, the classroom – including tables, chairs, a decorated wall and interactive whiteboard. 

The silence in the room is the actual order that learners use when composing a text. There is no discussion of the kind of text and the assumption is that this is an extended text. Students may write text messages, postcards, emails. These are not composed using the same order. 


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