What next

All I can do is think of 101 things to do to survive in the absence of a clearly focussed and desirable future: 

  1. Write – if I am unemployed I will have time to write
  2. I will have not money for excess and unnecessary food – I shall eat less
  3. I will rent out two rooms and that will pay my mortgage
  4. I can get part time work – hours here and there
  5. I may well get a job in a college: HE in FE (a manager)
  6. This government will not last for more than 5 years and when Labour is back in – I will still be an academic
  7. I might leave the country – with my husband – Ghana or how knows somewhere else
  8. I can let Papa work – while I stay home & write
  9. I am saving my money so have a little bit of a cushion – I need to save more
  10. save save save save
  11. I can learn about phonics and teach phonics in a University
  12. I can join an on-line community – change the place and space of the University – Join in and retina my sense of identity
  13. I am an academic but like slime mould – that might mean taking whatever shape allows me to survive
  14. Do I have marketable skills? ( next list starts from 15)

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