slime mould and survival

Organisation and governance of post 14

I love the idea. Metaphors – Images are so strong and so powerful and somehow they seem to nest themselves to easily in my mind.
  • the skunk and the chameleon. 
  • and today – organisation and governance in post 14
the metaphors of a marine biologist: 
  • the spinning top
  • the sponge 
  • or slime mould

the first two retain their shape despite the impact of their environment. The top spins on a single axis. There is the sense of dynamism, of activity, you pull the string and away it goes, its almost exciting – it’s centrifugal force is what keeps it going, going around a pre-defined point. 
The sponge – may be passed through a sieve. May apparently disintegrate – but at the end of it – will reform in exactly the same form it was before. 
Only the slime mould actually changes shape and form. It remains slime mould but its form – is different. 
And so members of the audience laughed – you have got us to admit that we want to become slime mould. Since this is the survivalist strategy.  


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