Writing and Being Written – Burgess & Ivanic

Burgess,  Amy and Ivanic, Roz (2010) Writing and Being Written: Issues of Identity Across Timescales, Written Communication  27: 228 

I see myself as aiming at more in this writing then a response to what I have read – but the truth is – there is no escape from the intertextual and I need to engage with others to feel ‘confident’ that my ideas are properly grounded.

This was a slowly read and to some extent savoured article with several interruptions. I have also changed to some extent my approach to reading and annotating – one that reminds me of how i started with the EdD. Throughout I have the sense of wanting to draw on these ideas to create something different and keep ‘Sculpting’ a literacy practice to the foreground.
So – where does this leave me / bring me – what possibilities / potentialities can I explore for myself as a reader / writer – wrighter. What possibilities / potentialities can I explore for my students?

·          constructing an aspired to self, a desired self through text – a more confident, witty, sophisticated self, assertive … those sorts of things

·          metaphors for writing – the diver poised waiting to take the plunge; the motley mass that needs sorting – slowly combing through, oiling and plaiting; the well equipped but encumbered vs. the unclad but vulnerable deep sea diver (one that is at odds completely with the www surfer). How would you describe the writing process – this may take a bit of thinking – but can you offer a metaphor?

·          asking my ‘Sculpting a literacy practice trainees – some general opening questions – what do you think about writing, do you enjoy it? Are you a good writer? What do I mean when I say ‘good writer’ – what do you mean?

The addition of timescales allows a chance to explore a identification instead of identity – an active process of construction rather than a thing – but has the feel of being squeezed in. My reading seemed to require constant referral back to the image that I was not able to do – didn’t fit my preferred approach.  But this is a very enjoyable text. I feel like I have eaten a sumptuous meal. I also learn from it. The writers are tow people who – their approach – seems to create possibilities for this writer. A self I aspire to. One that seems tangible and possible and part of the process of social change that they refer to and I believe in.

·          Tell me about writing for this assignment – I suspect they place greatest attention on the content rather than the approach. Writing what we know, not how we write what we know.

RaPAL – write up of workshop
·          Start with binary (and of course the momentary sticking with this position)
·          Explore more complex constructions – but focus here for now (why)
·          My question revolves around how they coexists as ideas in practice

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