The Discourse, Power, Resistance conference

13 – 15 April, 2011: How do trainee literacy teachers negotiate the literacies associated with their course.  

This research is situated within the context of a University Diploma in Adult Literacy based at a University in North of England. In it I explore with trainees their ideas about literacy. The paper emerges from a theoretical background that treats  literacy as social practice rather than skills and as such elaborates on the social practices of trainee literacy teachers. I explore the extent to which trainees own experiences of literacy can provide a resource that enables them to reconstruct literacy in ways that resist the limitations and impositions of policy. That is, an interest that surrounds this paper is the extent to which trainee teachers may draw on their own experiences of literacy in their attempt to construct a literacy pedagogy. 

There are several interweaving threads that run through this text. The central question – how do trainee literacy teachers negotiate the literacies associated with their course – implies a series of hunches. Most notably, I am interested in the resources that trainees draw on when conceptualising literacy as a subject to be taught. Policy constructions of literacy constitute the truth regime within which trainee teachers practice. I have an interest in identifying other sources of information for them to draw upon. The ethnographic research of the NRDC and the many ethnographies of literacy as social practice. But arguably these have little to do with practitioners. My broad idea is that their own experiences of literacy – my be another source of information for them to draw upon. 

I need to prepare an outline for 17th December 2010. I need to talk to the other professor. 

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