I am poised to take the plunge. How do people like me experience writing. This feels like a completely new place to be writing from. An academic rather than a student. An unclear grading criteria. I am still working on finding an academic voice. I am also exhausted and conscious of the work I have to do.

Passion and Politics is a good one to read – it’s there. So at some point I will need to read it.

My friend describes a process of diving deep into a pool of clear blue water from an enormous height. There is an extended period of preparation. A knowledge that you have done this several times before and actually – the water gets more familiar and more in need of discovery with each attempt.

I have a feeling of combing a mass of knotty hair. I know the end product will be beautiful – in how it looks and feels. I also know it will last. But at the start it is excruciating and painful. I also know that I can not go in with my hair like this. In fact I can’t move with my hair like this. But somehow I have a feeling that perhaps, finally this time. I can’t take it.

I am too easily distracted.

So, I have already started and have a plan for the rest of the evening.


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