Frustration – 50 obligatory

Findsen B. The Professionalisation of Adult Educators: Issues and Challenges. Journal of Adult Learning Aotearoa New Zealand [serial on the Internet]. (2009, July), [cited July 30, 2010]; 37(1): 27-43. Available from: Education Research Complete.

This is what I want to read. I can find the reference but not the text. Not anywhere – not in any of my libraries, not on amazon not any of the many many searches.

Still – the reassuring point is that it at least seems to explore ideas that I know are relevant and recent and cover the kind of ground I am interesting in. It points perhaps to the depthlesness of my own argument – but for the aspect I want to explore this line is an introduction rather then the main point of the paper. I had rather though things had move on – but this does suggest that somewhere there are writers who want to talk and write about the same thing.

So – a day of frustration – but a day of legitimation and the knowing that there are others out there.

This is useful, Bottery (2003) his hierarchy of Trust – the use of metaphor interests me.

calculative trust – the logician
practice trust – the gardener
role trust – the professional
identificatory trust – the musician

There is no assumption that each encounter requires or aspires to the identificatory trust; this is not the case. It is rather that lack of trust where it is required is experienced as a violation. Once broken it is expensive and time consuming to repaired. The required reweaving never manages to return the fabric to new.

Of course I remember my tutors comment – Halpin – quoting some place, someone or other – trust is written into the grammar of our relationships.

These are 50 obligatory words.


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