Start with a quote

I may as well start with a quote; the promise was that in Australia such a reference would be culturally acceptable. Though the reaction would have been the same as mine. Disgust.

I had a ‘Research Conversation’ with writer in residence Peter Kelly today. Professor Peter Kelly. I don’t really know what ‘Professor’ means. We can all profess with greater or lesser impact. He suggested that all ethnographic research is is a series of stories. So – this is where I can start to write a few stories.

I said I would start with a quote.

‘Just get it all down (this is said with a sharp Australian accent). Just get It all down. The at the end of it, you have to prepared to sift through your own vomit.’

He kept saying what he said to his PhD students and asked me what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’. I have grey hair. What ever the future is I’m not sure I want to be a want to be.

The kind of academic I admire and aspire to.

PhD by publication. Have I been sold the cheap version. Do I want to leave education?

I liked the description of an academic. One who writes, who teaches and who does research. Wrap your research around your activity – teaching, and link in with the contacts you have – the want to be is there – learning literacy on the street in Accra – or public secretarial services and an ethnography of Accra. It has to be done.

So – I am inspired. I need to develop a plan.

1. I have purchased a notebook. My promise: fill it up.
2. Dennis (2011) Is the professionalisation of basic skills teaching possible, desirable or inevitable? Literacy and Numeracy Studies, Vol 18 Issue 2
3. Research proposal – Sculpting out a literacy practice from Folk, Policy and Ethnographic constructions of literacy – £20, 000
4. Situational analysis – What has race and gender got to do with being black and female? Playing the organisational race card.
5. Involve partner organisations in research activity – proposals forTiLLS & UnDips : i) Teachers’ perceptions of literacy ii) how trainees develop an academic ‘voice’.
6. Dennis (2011) Quality, translation and betrayal, Literacy Vol 45 Issue 3


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